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Anthony & Brittany Shepherd

It comes to you at first, in a package you swear you’ve seen before.  You know, the typical husband and wife worship duo.  Moments into the experience, you quickly realize that these two are anything be typical.  Sure they’re married with kids, living a stone’s throw away from Disney, in the heart of Orlando, FL.  Of course they travel the world singing songs and leading worship for churches of all sizes and denominations.  All of that is typical though.  What’s not apparent on the surface, but is felt instantly once you experience their ministry, is the faithfulness and grace of God.  

These two have been through hell and back and lived to sing about it.  Their ministry isn’t hypothetical, and they don’t write songs about hardships they assume others have faced.  They usher in the presence of God through singing about real forgiveness, real mercy, the real redeeming grace of God they have received themselves.

Their transparency is unmatched.  Their ability to build teams and rally people is magnetic.  Their sound is somehow fresh and familiar at the same time.  The power of God on their lives is obvious.  Their passion for Jesus is contagious, and their respect and pursuit of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, is the kind of earth shaking stuff that moves the heart of God to respond.  So what are you waiting for, join the movement and help us release a sound of revival in the earth!

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